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Make your Tourist Information Office stand out

Make your Tourist Information Office stand out in the local landscape, with interactive tourist information kiosks.

Digital technologies have become a key part of user experience. Based on our previous experiences, we truly believe that digital technology needs to be used to enhance personal interaction.

Why install an interactive kiosk for tourism purposes?

Cartelmatic, which has worked on projects for self-service banking, draws a parallel between changes in high-street banking jobs and tourist information jobs. Bank clerks have become “bank advisors” and receptionists are now called “visitor services assistants”.

Make your Tourist Information Office stand out in the local landscape

A 24/7 information kiosk, tablet or screen player is not going to replace your traditional visitors’ welcome service. Such tools enhance and support that welcome, leaving you free to dedicate more “value-added” time to visitors, thereby making your job a more rewarding one.


Offer users an experience tailored to your surrounding area

Cartelmatic offers digital solutions that are deeply connected to local areas. Our interactive kiosks contribute to the daily life of communities, help develop the local economic fabric and serve to welcome ever more demanding and connected tourists and visitors.

The bonuses

Our Global e-Tourism solution connects your interactive kiosks to your tourist information system, to efficiently manage your information.

A comprehensive digital approach

Digital tools come in many shapes and forms nowadays. Our teams connect your ecosystem up, as part of a wider system.

We manage tourism data from all the regional tourist information systems in France. Our unique understanding of regional databases enables us to take a strategic approach when processing your information. We have also interfaced numerous tailored solutions (central booking offices, virtual guided visits, etc.).

Global e-Tourism: for a comprehensive and shared digital project

Our teams’ knowledge and skills enable us to interface with other specialised stakeholders. We can also give you advice on getting your digital project up and running, by thinking ideas through with you and lending you our overall expertise, thanks to our Global e-Tourism solution (custom developments, web portals and WiFi, etc.).

A real-time internet-based tourist information service – simple and intuitive

Our application falls under the French concept of “L’internet de séjour”, which aims to offer visitors a real-time internet-based tourist information service at their fingertips during their stay in an area. The concept encompasses all the tourism-based digital experiences of visitors during their stay in an area. Depending on how advanced your digital tools are, the “responsive” design work we carry out can improve your solutions, beyond our products.

One of the main concerns for tourists is finding a place to stay. This is especially true at the end of the day, when tourist information offices are closed. Our goal is to be able to provide tourists with reliable information on room availability thanks to speech synthesis : a computer calls accommodation providers by telephone at set times. They then reply using the keys on their telephone.

You can prioritise according to geographical location, such as offering a choice of restaurants based on either the district, or a wider area that includes several towns. Items can also be prioritised according criteria such as membership of a club or label.

A strategic vision in line with Atout France

Atout France (a French agency for promoting tourism in France), the DGCIS (the French General Directorate for Competitiveness, Industry and Services) and Office de Tourisme de France have organised various conferences on the use of digital technologies. These conferences have given birth to the “Tourist Information Office of the Future” concept, and led to several publications.

Cartelmatic’s products, solutions and experiences have been cited as examples numerous times in these publications. Our contribution to Atout France’s expertise is a recognition of the work we carry out with local authorities.

Our digital tourism success stories:

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