Installation and maintenance

Comprehensive support

At Cartelmatic, we make sure your project is rolled out on site and take care of maintenance and repairs, leaving you free to focus on your core work.



We design your digital signage solution and your software solution.

Our products are designed, engineered and assembled in our Rennes and Barcelonette workshops. That gives us more control over our products, especially in terms of durability, update and customisation.



We configure your digital signage solution to make sure it is compatible with your software and IT systems.



We then install your solution on site.

  • Interactive kiosks: they are delivered on site and then installed jointly by Cartelmatic and technical engineers (from the local authority’s Highways and Transport department)
  • Through-glass touchscreens: they are delivered and installed on site by a Cartelmatic technician
  • Pro tablets and interactive screens: they are delivered and jointly installed by Cartelmatic and your builder or interior fitter.

Maintenance for your digital signage project

once installed

We regularly check in with you 🙂


  • We track interactive kiosk activity remotely
  • We notify our customers if an operating issue arises or if the equipment breaks down

Stock management

  • We make and store equipment to create a supply pool for maintenance and repair purposes


  • We replace equipment with an equivalent to get the service up and running again quickly


  • We assign you a main contact person to manage all your equipment (hardware/equipment problems)
  • We provide a team of experts to answer your questions and troubleshoot any software issues


For replacements:

  • We save all your interactive kiosk data
  • We configure the new kiosk with the same original settings


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