Digital signage software

Tailored software for your touchscreen.

Our team of software engineers and designers create applications that are simple, functional and intuitive.

Digital content software built in your image

We incorporate your visual identity and contents, and configure the application to meet your needs:

Logo / Brand identity

Your application is designed according to your brand identity. It will include your colours, logo and choice of images.

Information content

The information content can be automatically retrieved from a database, or created directly in the back office.

A choice of page sections and services

You can have as many sections as you want on the home page of your application.

Images, videos and web pages

Other content can also be displayed: slide shows, videos, websites, PDF files, the weather, games, etc.

The bonus

We use simple “readable” fonts, such as Arial, in the appropriate font size and contrast to display content on our interactive kiosks, which are adapted to people with vision impairment. For more information on disability and our product design process, click here 🙂

Our touchscreen software features

  • An online back office to manage your kiosks and content autonomously.
  • Local data storage to ensure kiosks can continue to display information even when the internet is down.
  • The option of interfacing with your database and your information system.
  • Access to quantitative and qualitative statistics on user interaction with a kiosk (time series, distribution according to choice).

If you want to install a sector-specific software solution on our kiosks – you can!

We have partnerships with software publishers who offer products that are compatible with our kiosks – get in touch now to discuss the possibilities.

Discover all the digital signage solutions which are compatible with our software!


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