French interactive kiosk manufacturer

Who are we?

For over 30 years now, Cartelmatic has been designing digital solutions that enhance urban spaces: digital signage, interactive kiosks, and signage software. Another milestone on the road to Smart Cities!

Promote local information and retail initiatives aimed at visitors, tourists, locals and customers.

Offer a digital experience that expresses who YOU are.
We are on hand to guarantee your success 🙂

Interactive signage
Installation & Maintenance
  • 30 years

    of expertise

  • over 1000 sites

    equipped in France

  • 3 offices

    Rennes, Versailles, Barcelonnette

  • 15 years

    of partnership with “Tourisme et Handicap”

A customer-focused company

Organised into four business units, Cartelmatic controls the entire value chain, from the design of interactive kiosks to their maintenance and repair.

  • Design workshop

    • Our interactive kiosks are designed and made in our Rennes and Barcelonette workshops.
  • Creative studio

    • We design and configure your digital signage software
    • We design your street furniture in line with your visual identity
  • Logistics hub

    • We schedule on-site delivery and installation
    • We offer customer support
    • We provide a monitoring service: interactive kiosk operation is monitored remotely
  • Repair workshop

    • We repair our interactive kiosks
    • We store equipment to create a supply pool for maintenance and repair purposes. The workshops are in Rennes and Barcelonette.


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Philippe Le Berre, founder of Cartelmatic

Philippe – an inquisitive, practically-minded, cultivated and socially-engaged entrepreneur, with strong Breton roots. #throughandthrough

He set up Cartelmatic in 1990, driven by the idea of:

  • Investing in new technologies
  • Offering interactive yet discreetly-designed products
  • Creating a strong and lasting business

The strategy of Cartelmatic and its managing director is to make digital technology available at a local level in the form of interactive kiosks, to provide on-hand information and services that enhance urban spaces. The idea is to get the best out of all things digital, but with a discreet design. #smartcityherewecome

Philippe has a passion for local histories, culture, heritage and the evolution of societies. He reads, studies and gathers information about the history of the towns he visits every day. He is also aware that Cartelmatic products contribute to the atmosphere of places steeped in history, and therefore enjoys discovering and sharing local historical anecdotes that are all part of our shared history.

If there is ONE word to describe Philippe, it’s “Commitment”.

  • #1

    To his employees

    Because Philippe firmly believes the company should be socially responsible. “As a company director, you have a responsibility towards the state, shareholders and employees. This implies honouring your commitments in a lasting way.” Away from the bright lights and the fund-raising that surrounds all things digital today, Philippe has chosen innovation and sustainability as watchwords for Cartelmatic. #economyoftomorrow.

  • #2

    Destigmatising disability

    As a member of the board of “Tourisme et Handicap” (a French association promoting accessible tourism for all) since 2011, Philippe is committed to making universal design part and parcel of Cartelmatic’s DNA. The idea is to stop creating tools specifically for people with disabilities and simply create products that are accessible to all. It goes without saying that Cartelmatic innovations are accessible to everyone.



Disability, compliance with standards for public spaces
& environmental footprint