Cartelmatic’s WIFI hotspot service

All our products (kiosks and players) offer WiFi access!

Your visitors can use the internet on their mobile phones by logging in to the captive portal.

WiFi hotspot service

All Cartelmatic products, including interactive kiosks, can be used as WiFi hotspot. Our WiFi hotspot service provides:

  • Access to your website, or other websites if you wish
  • Access to the web

The hotspot enables you to offer secure internet access by:

  • Authenticating every user
  • Saving navigation history
  • Blocking malicious websites

The bonuses of our WiFi portal

  • A customisable captive portal – the landing page for visitors when they connect to the hotspot
  • A Cartelmatic customer support service: MON-FRI from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00
  • Non-stop monitoring of your equipment 24/7 to ensure it stays operational at all times
  • Access to general statistics (nationality, peak traffic, OS/web browsers used) and individual visitor statistics thanks to authentication (email, social media information: last name, first name, age, gender, etc.) to learn more about your customers

What are captive portals and how do they work?

To control WiFi internet access, users are directed towards a “captive portal”.

This is a landing page which you can use to make your customers feel welcome and enhance their experience. You can offer them access to your information and website links. You can also provide users with access to the web as a whole via this portal. Set a time limit if you want to, as well. Legally-speaking, we have to keep a record of all connections to the hotspot for one year.




For more information on setting up a WiFi hotspot, contact us!


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